Sautéed scallop
with Arbequina olives and chestnut flakes


Servers 4

  • For the scallops:
  • 10 scallops (about 350 g / 12 oz each)
  • 100 ml Arbequina virgin oil
  • 1 pinch of table salt
For the chlorophyllin:
  • 1 tbsp chlorophyllin
  • 1 pinch of table salt
  • 1 pinch thyme

For the Olives:

  • 32 Arbequina olives

For the Chestnuts:

  • 100 gr of fresh chestnuts

Preparation time
1 h.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“The slight sweetness of the scallop complements the bitter piquancy of the clorophyll and the olive oil.”

Carefully remove the flesh from the shells and separate the roe from the white flesh. Any juices should be collected. Wash the mantle in plenty of water and remove the stomach. Chill.

Chop the fresh thyme and mix the ingredients in a bowl. Refrigerate. Olives: Drain the olives and mix with the chlorophyllin. Refrigerate. Chestnuts: Peel the chestnuts with a sharp, pointed knife. Cut into wafer-thin slices using a truffle slicer. Make four equal piles. Do not chill.

To serve
Heat the virgin olive oil in a skillet. When hot, sauté the scallop flesh on the flat side. Keep warm in the grill at 60ºC / 140ºF. Warm up the chlorophyllin with the olives. Serve with the chestnuts as shown in the photo.

Recommended wine
White, Castillo De Monjardín 2000. Oak-fermented reserva, DO Navarra.

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